Volume Up Hair Styling Powder

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An ultimate weapon for people who have flat & thin hair!

Everyone, including you, likes to beautify their hair, by styling it differently, as it is easily one of the most noticeable parts of humans. However,factors such as hair type and climatic conditions play against the possibility of this happening. The solution is here; the Volume Up Hair Styling Powder makes styling your hair seamless.

The Volume Up Hair Styling Powder is super-strong hair support, for both male and female, specially designed to solve your styling problems. It is dry and firmly holds your hair in whatever shape you desire. Yet, it can be reshaped easily at any time. Want to try out a new perfect hairstyle? Then create a fashion statement with the Volume Up Hair Styling Powder.FEATURES:

  • 24H Long Lasting: Volumizing hair instantly & hold for a whole day.
  • Instant Volumizing Effect:Extremely volumizing hair powder works into hair perfectly and doesn?ÇÖt leave behind a white residue.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Contains no drying alcohols, will not cause damage to hair follicles.
  • Easy Usage: Doesn?ÇÖt require a professional hand to use and style.
  • Non-Sticky: Absorb oil from hair, texturizing your hair without oily, sticky progress.
  • Strong Holder: Firmly holds your hair in place, and you can change the pattern any time.
  • Instant Remove Grease & Dirt: Naturally ABSORBS oil, grease, dirt, and grime, give you a fresh & clean look instantly.


  • Ingredient: Powder
  • Weight: 33g
  • Size: 50ml


  • 1 x Volume Up Hair Styling Powder

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