Automatic Wind Power 8-LED Car Light (Set of 2)

$9.97 $19.99

No more wiring, no more batteries!

Install extra car lights for more visibility without needing to work with wires! The Wind Power LED Car Light is simple to install and automatically works as your car moves. No wirings, no batteries, no complicated installation required! Just choose where you want it to go and stick it on!


  • HOW IT WORKS - The Wind Power LED Car Light uses the wind power generated when driving. When the speed is up to 30 km/h, the LED lights will light up automatically, giving you extra visibility when driving at night or through rain or fog.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Equipped with strong double-sided adhesive tapes, the Wind Power LED Car Light can be installed to your car in seconds. Just choose the location where it goes on your car, remove the tape's protective film, and stick it on your car. Easy installation without wiring! Note: Don't install this product on any rotational part of the vehicle.
  • WATERPROOF - No need to worry about water problems, even if the entire circuit board is soaked in water. The LED lights will turn on as?áthe fan rotates.


  • Product size:?á12cm x 4cm x 2cm
  • Package Includes: 2 x?áAutomatic Wind Power 8-LED Car Light

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