Wireless Outdoor Camera

$69.97 $139.97

Give Yourself More And Better Care Security System!

Feeling unsecured and unsafe?

This?áWireless?áOutdoor Camera?áis perfect for all your surveillance needs!?áIt?árecords clear images in 1080p resolution?áin?árain or shine, day and night, to?áprovide safety and reliability.?áWireless Outdoor Camera will?áconnect easilyto your home or office WiFi network, allowing you to access your videofromanywhere with an internet connection.?áUsing the?áintuitive app, available?áfor?áboth iOS and Android,?áyou're able to stream real-time video.?áIt?ámakes home and office monitoring on the go and easy for everyone.Compatible?áwith almost all routers.?áSupport 2.4G wifi band (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) (5Ghz not supported).


  • OUTDOOR PANORAMIC CAMERA:?áCompared to the old version of the fixed angle camera, our?áWireless Outdoor Camera has 320?? horizontal & 120?? vertical rotation&can cover all areas. Just switch the phone screen to achieve angle switching.
  • DAY NIGHT FULL COLOR:Different from other security cameras,?áIP camera configured with 3 wide-angle infrared lights and 4 bright led lights.You can get colorful night vision video even in the dark.
  • WATERPROOF:?áWifi camera takes?áIP66 waterproof case?á&?áadapt to all kinds of weatherlike heavy rain, thunder & more!
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO:?áThis camera has built-in speakers and anti-noise filter microphone?áwhich allows you to?átalk to an outdoor stranger like a courier.
  • CLOUD SERVICE:?áGenerally outdoor?ácameras work 72 hours.?áSo you need a large capacity memory card to record, but if you use IP camera cloud function it will be simple.
  • HD 720P NIGHT VISION MOTION DETECTION PUSH ALARM:?áOur security camera?áoffers clear images even during the night,?áand your mobile phone will receive notification?áwhen it?ádetects movement.


  • IR Distance(m): 30?á
  • Supported Mobile Systems: Windows Mobile, Android, iOS?á
  • High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)?á
  • Power Consumption(W): 48W?á
  • Power Supply(V): 12V?á
  • Pixel: 2MP?á
  • Lens (mm): 4mm?á
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g?á
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 X?áWireless Outdoor Camera

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